About the Past Avatar of Milemma.com

We've all come across hard decisions in life! There was a fun way to make a decision with Milemma.com. Taking the stress out of decision making! Predicaments of life inspired the creation of the Milemma website, but the destiny had something else in store. Now, it's a simple website rather than a web app to help those stuck in decision making process. Until the time is ripe, this domain will stay as a modest website with one-way communication.

About (the Past)

Milemma.com was a social network created to help people like you solve their dilemmas. Unfortunately, things always go like we want them to. So, here is another take on the same problem until we are ready to start again!

Here's from the past of Milemma.com

Source: pressat.co.uk

If you’re just like us then you’ll know how difficult at times it can be to make a decision!! Now there’s a fun and easy way to get help with your dilemma with the newly launched site Milemma. Life is full of dilemmas, have you ever been stuck picking what the destination of your next holiday is? Or maybe couldn’t decide what outfit to wear for a night out? Well we have and it’s caused us so many headaches!

It was launched as an app back in 2014. With some success, it was supposed to become a source of great help and user engagements helping people find answers. Though it offered a great solution, it was not the right time for the exciting concept. People seemed to have too little dilemma or were in a dilemma whether to use the app or not to resolve their dilemma. It sounds so funny!

Untill the time is ripe for the concept to be brought back to life, here's this tiny domain on the vast Internet, striving to keep the legacy of the erstwhile app alive.

Disclaimer: This website is in no manner related to the app or its owners.  Just a fan site to keep memories of the past Internet alive in the present. You have been warned.