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What Does a Locksmith Do (US)?

Looking at the trade of locksmith for your career? If you want to become a locksmith in the US, you need to know the job requirements, locksmith training required and the process for locksmith license in various states of the US.

In general, the basis requirements of the trade remain the same across the US. Most of the states require that you get registered as a licensed locksmith before you can start working as a locksmith. Also, you will have to undergo a training before applying for a locksmith license. In absence of training, there are provisions for test of an applicant for locksmith license. You will have to pass the practical locksmith work test to qualify for a locksmith license.

Definition & Work of Locksmith

A locksmith opens locks & safes, disassembles  locks  such  as  padlocks,  safe  locks  and  door  locks, and  repairs/ replaces worn tumblers, springs and other lock parts. You are also required to change pin lock cylinders and safe combinations. As a locksmith tradesman, you will have to removes broken keys, repairs malfunctioning locks, cuts keys by code or duplication, maintain key and combination records, installs and repairs locks on furniture, cabinets and other items.

Locksmiths operate in a location, where they can easily reach their customer. For instance, Chicago locksmith will be helping people in and around the Windy City.

That's not all. Locksmiths have to fit and install doors and related hardware, installs or repair hydraulic door closers and electronic door operators using tools.

In the age of computers, now locksmiths have to handle electronic  access  control  programming  and  manage  electronic  access  system databases. Install,  repair  and  maintain  electronic  access control  systems,  components  and related hardware.

If you are looking at a more challenging job as a locksmith, you will be designing and developing access control applications.