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What Does a Locksmith Do (US)?

Looking at the trade of locksmith for your career? If you want to become a locksmith in the US, you need to know the job requirements, locksmith training required and the process for locksmith license in various states of the US.

In general, the basis requirements of the trade remain the same across the US. Most of the states require that you get registered as a licensed locksmith before you can start working as a locksmith. Also, you will have to undergo a training before applying for a locksmith license. In absence of training, there are provisions for test of an applicant for locksmith license. You will have to pass the practical locksmith work test to qualify for a locksmith license.

Definition & Work of Locksmith

A locksmith opens locks & safes, disassembles  locks  such  as  padlocks,  safe  locks  and  door  locks, and  repairs/ replaces worn tumblers, springs and other lock parts. You are also required to change pin lock cylinders and safe combinations. As a locksmith tradesman, you will have to removes broken keys, repairs malfunctioning locks, cuts keys by code or duplication, maintain key and combination records, installs and repairs locks on furniture, cabinets and other items.

Locksmiths operate in a location, where they can easily reach their customer. For instance, Chicago locksmith will be helping people in and around the Windy City.

That's not all. Locksmiths have to fit and install doors and related hardware, installs or repair hydraulic door closers and electronic door operators using tools.

In the age of computers, now locksmiths have to handle electronic  access  control  programming  and  manage  electronic  access  system databases. Install,  repair  and  maintain  electronic  access control  systems,  components  and related hardware.

If you are looking at a more challenging job as a locksmith, you will be designing and developing access control applications. 

How to handle an Ethical Dilemma

Life is full of choices to make, including ethical questions. If you have a situation which involves ethics in your personal life, how to handle the dilemma?

Your personal moral standing depends on the choices you make when faced with such ethical dilemmas. Some dilemmas are one where you are faced with a choice to make, and other dilemmas are where actions of others have put you in a situation to take a stand, ethically correct or morally wrong. Often, in the second scenario, people want you to forget ethics, and take a favourable decision.

When you are facing a personal dilemma or a primary dilemma where you are the first decision maker, follow these simple tips:

  • Don't come to a conclusive judgement
  • Analyse and gather as much information you can about the situation before you
  • Discuss the situation with others - family members, friends or  colleagues
  • Explore the moral & ethical principles involved
  • Take note of the emotional aspects of the situation
  • Refer to the Code of Ethics applicable for your workplace & how the situation should be ideally resolved
  • God-fearing mother test: If your mother is a god-fearing woman with high moral standing, would she be happy with the choice you make? What would make her proud of you? 
  • Consequences: What is expected out of the different choices?? Is you choice going to make someone suffer without any fault?

Which Locksmith to Pick for Auto/House Rekeying?

Lost your keys to your car or need a spare set for emergencies? Are you looking to get your house rekeyed? Now, the obvious dilemma.

How to pick the right locksmith for yourself?

One dirty solution is to just search on the Internet, grab the first number and call them for your key troubles.

Where's the dilemma? If you are of the same opinion, beware!

When dealing with keys/locks for your house or car, you are actually taking a decision which affects the safety of your property & family. What if the locksmith you hired for a duplicate keys to your car wasn't honest? He could easily make an additional copy of the car keys and use it to steal your car. The same could happen with your house keys.

Is it a far-fetched idea to think that any person with mala fide intent can pose as a locksmith and get away with your possessions or break into your house with duplicate keys?

How to ensure safety when dealing with locksmiths?

Let's just say, you are locked out of your car in San Diego, CA. You can pick up your phone, search for the keyword "car locksmith Chicago" and find all "locksmiths" in the search results. Is there any guarantee that there is no danger lurking on the Internet?

There's a potential that some of the "locksmiths" might be rip-offs or even potential rogue individuals who harbour the dangerous criminal mentality.

Thankfully, there's a solution to this dilemma.

1. In the US (most states), only those with a valid locksmith license can take up assignments as locksmith. This need to register as a locksmith professional is a way to weed out unscrupulous individuals from potentially threatening the safety of general public. Only hire a locksmith with a valid locksmith license. You can verify the locksmith license work license on the government website  related to the labor department of the state.

For instance, California state laws require locksmiths to be licensed. This  means that anyone working as a locksmith in San Diego needs a valid California locksmith license. If you need a locksmith in San Diego, check for their license.

As we are looking for a locksmith Chicago, you will find that the state of Illinois issues licenses for locksmiths. Only those with a valid license can solicit work and take up locksmith assignments.  For instance, any good locksmith in Chicago should have a valid license, which they prominently display on all their advertisements and websites. Just go to Illinois.gov and then to the Department of Labor site to verify the license of the locksmith you wish to hire.

2. Look for online reviews. It's just a rough indicator of the veracity of the locksmith. Don't rely on online reviews & testimonies only.

3. Verify if they have a physical locksmith store. If you are in Chicago, looking for a local locksmith is a better idea. Don't just assume that all online locksmith ads are by real locksmiths.. Many of them are just dispatchers without even having a license, or not real locksmiths. These dispatchers simply act as a middleman passing on your details to another individual who serves you. If this is the case, check the license of the person who claims to be the locksmith. Try to avoid these online dispatchers altogether as you will have to pay extra for this middleman.

4. Seek reference from your friends & family. One of the best ways to find a good locksmith is to scan your neighborhood for genuine locksmiths. Ask for references from your neighbors, colleagues, friends & family.

Hope this resolves your dilemma! Stay safe.

How to Solve an Ethical Dilemma at Workplace

Do you have to make a choice between being ethically correct or being practical ignoring or omitting what's not true in ethical sense?

Often, we have dilemmas that are based on our understanding of ethics. At workplace, ethics and professionalism matter. What should you do when you have an ethical dilemma revolving around your work?

Let's say you work at a San Diego Locksmith company. You are obviously working with other locksmiths employed with the company. One coworker is not professional and charges extra money from customers. Now, you face a dilemma whether to report this to your senior or not.

1. Analyse the Source

What is creating the dilemma? Try to explore the scenario in great detail before even considering the choices. That's the starting point in resolving the dilemma.

2. What Your Professional Ethic Demands

Each and every profession has its own set of said and tacit ethics. What are you expected to do according to the ethics of your trade? Are there alternatives solutions to the problem?

3. Why the Alternative Solution

We have a dilemma, which means we need to make a choice between two or more options. Let's explore the wrong or ethically imperfect option(s) too. Does the option cause damage to anyone involved? Will it create any future complications?

4. How wrong is the ethically wrong choice

Ethics demand you to do certain things in a manner acceptable in the society. At your workplace, there are company ethics and codes to adhere to in addition to the general ethics of the trade. Compare the right and wrong options, and see how bad is the wrong choice.

5. Here's the solution

Once you have analysed the problem situation and the available choices, you have the following options.

a) Choose the Ethically Perfect solution
b) Choose the Practical Solution which leaves room for ambiguity and spare you the direct allegation of being ethically corrupt
c) Escalate! Take the problem up in the organization hierarchy and let the bosses take a call to keep yourself safe.

How to Handle Your Dilemma?

Are you in a quandary? Looking for an answer to some serious dilemma?

Don't let even the toughest of the problems to bog you down. Often in life, we need to take some hard decisions. It's not always easy to find the right answer or make the right choice, but you cannot just live with a dilemma. You have to take one of the choices.

Here's a simple way out of your dilemma.

1. What is your priority?If you have two or multiple options to choose from, pick the one that is highest on the priority list. You can come back to the other choices when your priority is taken care of. 

2. Does the choice bring you success & happiness?
Don't pick just any of the choices. Pick the one that you think will make you successful & bring joy to your life. That's most likely to be the right choice when you face a tough decision.

3. Is you choice good for others too?
When you need to pick of the many options, you cannot always to selfish because we live in a society where our actions also affect others. Is you choice going to help your family, friends and society too? Will your choice bring misery to life of others? If it's going to hurt others, you  might want to reconsider you choice. If you really want to choose the option that is likely to bring some bad things in life of others, see if the good that will come out of your choice outweighs the bad impact. If the positive aspect of the choice is more than the negative, you can choose the option.

4. Ask your well wishers for their guidance
If you cannot find the right choice and face difficulty on arriving at a decision, it is not a bad idea to seek advice of people whom you trust. Your family and friends are a good choice to seek their opinion. Be warned that the opinion of others might not be the choice you personally favour. So, you will have to take as many suggestions as possible and then arrive at your own answer.