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Which Locksmith to Pick for Auto/House Rekeying?

Lost your keys to your car or need a spare set for emergencies? Are you looking to get your house rekeyed? Now, the obvious dilemma.

How to pick the right locksmith for yourself?

One dirty solution is to just search on the Internet, grab the first number and call them for your key troubles.

Where's the dilemma? If you are of the same opinion, beware!

When dealing with keys/locks for your house or car, you are actually taking a decision which affects the safety of your property & family. What if the locksmith you hired for a duplicate keys to your car wasn't honest? He could easily make an additional copy of the car keys and use it to steal your car. The same could happen with your house keys.

Is it a far-fetched idea to think that any person with mala fide intent can pose as a locksmith and get away with your possessions or break into your house with duplicate keys?

How to ensure safety when dealing with locksmiths?

Let's just say, you are locked out of your car in San Diego, CA. You can pick up your phone, search for the keyword "car locksmith Chicago" and find all "locksmiths" in the search results. Is there any guarantee that there is no danger lurking on the Internet?

There's a potential that some of the "locksmiths" might be rip-offs or even potential rogue individuals who harbour the dangerous criminal mentality.

Thankfully, there's a solution to this dilemma.

1. In the US (most states), only those with a valid locksmith license can take up assignments as locksmith. This need to register as a locksmith professional is a way to weed out unscrupulous individuals from potentially threatening the safety of general public. Only hire a locksmith with a valid locksmith license. You can verify the locksmith license work license on the government website  related to the labor department of the state.

For instance, California state laws require locksmiths to be licensed. This  means that anyone working as a locksmith in San Diego needs a valid California locksmith license. If you need a locksmith in San Diego, check for their license.

As we are looking for a locksmith Chicago, you will find that the state of Illinois issues licenses for locksmiths. Only those with a valid license can solicit work and take up locksmith assignments.  For instance, any good locksmith in Chicago should have a valid license, which they prominently display on all their advertisements and websites. Just go to Illinois.gov and then to the Department of Labor site to verify the license of the locksmith you wish to hire.

2. Look for online reviews. It's just a rough indicator of the veracity of the locksmith. Don't rely on online reviews & testimonies only.

3. Verify if they have a physical locksmith store. If you are in Chicago, looking for a local locksmith is a better idea. Don't just assume that all online locksmith ads are by real locksmiths.. Many of them are just dispatchers without even having a license, or not real locksmiths. These dispatchers simply act as a middleman passing on your details to another individual who serves you. If this is the case, check the license of the person who claims to be the locksmith. Try to avoid these online dispatchers altogether as you will have to pay extra for this middleman.

4. Seek reference from your friends & family. One of the best ways to find a good locksmith is to scan your neighborhood for genuine locksmiths. Ask for references from your neighbors, colleagues, friends & family.

Hope this resolves your dilemma! Stay safe.