About the Past Avatar of Milemma.com

We've all come across hard decisions in life! There was a fun way to make a decision with Milemma.com. Taking the stress out of decision making! Predicaments of life inspired the creation of the Milemma website, but the destiny had something else in store. Now, it's a simple website rather than a web app to help those stuck in decision making process. Until the time is ripe, this domain will stay as a modest website with one-way communication.

How to Handle Your Dilemma?

Are you in a quandary? Looking for an answer to some serious dilemma?

Don't let even the toughest of the problems to bog you down. Often in life, we need to take some hard decisions. It's not always easy to find the right answer or make the right choice, but you cannot just live with a dilemma. You have to take one of the choices.

Here's a simple way out of your dilemma.

1. What is your priority?If you have two or multiple options to choose from, pick the one that is highest on the priority list. You can come back to the other choices when your priority is taken care of. 

2. Does the choice bring you success & happiness?
Don't pick just any of the choices. Pick the one that you think will make you successful & bring joy to your life. That's most likely to be the right choice when you face a tough decision.

3. Is you choice good for others too?
When you need to pick of the many options, you cannot always to selfish because we live in a society where our actions also affect others. Is you choice going to help your family, friends and society too? Will your choice bring misery to life of others? If it's going to hurt others, you  might want to reconsider you choice. If you really want to choose the option that is likely to bring some bad things in life of others, see if the good that will come out of your choice outweighs the bad impact. If the positive aspect of the choice is more than the negative, you can choose the option.

4. Ask your well wishers for their guidance
If you cannot find the right choice and face difficulty on arriving at a decision, it is not a bad idea to seek advice of people whom you trust. Your family and friends are a good choice to seek their opinion. Be warned that the opinion of others might not be the choice you personally favour. So, you will have to take as many suggestions as possible and then arrive at your own answer.