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How to Solve an Ethical Dilemma at Workplace

Do you have to make a choice between being ethically correct or being practical ignoring or omitting what's not true in ethical sense?

Often, we have dilemmas that are based on our understanding of ethics. At workplace, ethics and professionalism matter. What should you do when you have an ethical dilemma revolving around your work?

Let's say you work at a San Diego Locksmith company. You are obviously working with other locksmiths employed with the company. One coworker is not professional and charges extra money from customers. Now, you face a dilemma whether to report this to your senior or not.

1. Analyse the Source

What is creating the dilemma? Try to explore the scenario in great detail before even considering the choices. That's the starting point in resolving the dilemma.

2. What Your Professional Ethic Demands

Each and every profession has its own set of said and tacit ethics. What are you expected to do according to the ethics of your trade? Are there alternatives solutions to the problem?

3. Why the Alternative Solution

We have a dilemma, which means we need to make a choice between two or more options. Let's explore the wrong or ethically imperfect option(s) too. Does the option cause damage to anyone involved? Will it create any future complications?

4. How wrong is the ethically wrong choice

Ethics demand you to do certain things in a manner acceptable in the society. At your workplace, there are company ethics and codes to adhere to in addition to the general ethics of the trade. Compare the right and wrong options, and see how bad is the wrong choice.

5. Here's the solution

Once you have analysed the problem situation and the available choices, you have the following options.

a) Choose the Ethically Perfect solution
b) Choose the Practical Solution which leaves room for ambiguity and spare you the direct allegation of being ethically corrupt
c) Escalate! Take the problem up in the organization hierarchy and let the bosses take a call to keep yourself safe.